Elections and Positions at Branch AGMs

The main purpose of the Branch (BLP) AGM is to elect members who will take positions within the branch. All members who are eligible to vote can also stand for positions in the branch. 

The Branch (BLP) AGM also nominates members for positions at Constituency Labour Party (CLP) level. Members will need at least one nomination from a Branch (BLP) or a branch affiliated to the Tottenham Labour Party (i.e. Trade Unions, SEA, Co-Op etc). 

Positions in a BLP

  • Only members of the BLP can stand for a role within that BLP
  • At least 50% of the 4 Executive positions must be occupied by a woman.

Executive BLP positions


  • This role requires you to Chair the monthly branch meeting
  • You develop the agenda alongside the Secretary
  • You will ensure everyone has the opportunity to speak
  • You will ensure the meeting runs to time
  • You will ensure the meeting is conducted in a comradely manner

Campaigns Vice Chair:

  • You will deputise in chairing meetings if the Chair is absent
  • You will have the lead in the branch for campaigning activity
  • There are no planned elections during this term, however you will encourage regular activity in the ward to ensure the Labour presence is visible.
  • If a by-election is called in your ward, you will be the main liaison person.
  • If a by-election is called in another ward, you will be expected to encourage members in your ward to help.
  • Whilst there are no planned elections, we are expecting regular issue campaigns (for example the national party may decide to run a campaign on Working Tax Credits) and this may require leading on leafleting, street stalls etc.
  • You will work closely with your local Labour Councillors to ensure there is regular canvassing
  • You will work closely with the CLP Campaigns Vice Chair and Borough Organiser
  • You will ensure the CLP Campaigns Vice Chair and Borough Organiser are aware of local issues (i.e. protests about crossings, concerns about a planning development).


  • You will be the main contact for members in your BLP
  • You also obtain a position on the CLP Executive Committee (EC) and the General Committee (GC) ensuring relevant information is distributed to members.
  • You will organise monthly BLP meetings, ensuring minutes, agendas and motions are distributed to all members (including those not on email).
  • You will work with the Chair to develop the agenda, ensuring the BLP is engaging, vibrant and exciting for members. This may include inviting guest speakers, organising a debate on a specific issue.
  • You will book the room used for BLP meetings ensuring this is fully disabled access, in a part of the ward that can be easy to access for the maximum amount of members.
  • You will ensure that invoices are sent at least every quarter to the CLP Treasurer and the CLP is not in debt or faced with a huge bill.
  • As the only person will access to the Branch membership data you will:
    • Ensure you aware of how to use Membersnet and seek training if needed
    • Keep membership data safe and do not distribute this to anyone other than Cllrs.
    • Always BCC members in email or use a mailing service (i.e. mailchimp)
    • Carry out regular new members engagement through telephone or home visits (this can be allocated to a ward Cllr and can be done with members).
    • Distribute information to members from other officers in the ward (i.e. youth officer, vice chair campaigns etc).


BLPs in Tottenham do not hold individual bank accounts, however this is a mandated role in the rulebook. The CLP Executive Committee decided in 2014 to give this role different responsibility:

  • You will act as the main fundraiser for your branch.
  • This entails:
    • You organising one event in your branch a year (the month is decided by the EC in January).
      • The event is open to all members across Tottenham/London and their friends and family.
      • This event can be anything from a dinner, bingo night, music event, talent show, sports tournament etc.
      • Your target is a minimum of £100 for your ward.
      • Before booking any venues you will check dates with the CLP Secretary
      • Any VIPs need to be agreed by the EC
      • You will seek approval from the EC if your event has any financial liability (i.e. if we need to book venues, acts etc). There is a form to complete.
      • You will observe the max. £20 per person rule.
      • You will ensure all money collected is deposited into the CLP bank account within 14 days of the event and the Treasurer is aware of the amount.
  • You will work closely with the CLP Fundraiser and help:
    • Ensure they are aware of your event and how much your raised.
    • Source raffle or auction prizes for CLP fundraisers
    • Assist in selling tickets for events to members in your ward
    • Help other BLP fundraisers if they need help with their fundraisers
  • Every month the CLP also holds a quiz night which travels around the constituency. You will:
      • Offer to have one quiz night in your ward
      • Book a venue for the quiz night
      • Help with raffle prizes
      • Promote the quiz with members in your ward

Non Executive Positions

Young Member Representative 

The rulebook states that a branch (BLP) with 3 or more young members is allowed to have an additional delegate to the General Committee (GC - see below). All branches (BLPs) in Tottenham have more than 3 young members and therefore are able to have an additional delegate. This delegate must be a 'young member'. The definition of a young member in the Labour party is 14-26 years old. 

We are developing Tottenham Young Labour and are piloting giving the 'young GC delegate' additional involvement. The young member delegate will also have a voting right on the Tottenham Young Labour Executive Committee and represent the branch on a constituency wide basis. 

Tottenham Young Labour will be holding their AGM in October 2016 to elect their Chair, Vice Chair (campaigns) and Secretary. All young members in Tottenham will be able to stand and vote for those positions. 

If you are a member who falls within the 14-26 year old age group and want to be a delegate to GC but do not want to be part of Tottenham Young Labour, then you can stand for one of the open GC delegates positions. 

BAME Officer

The EC agreed this year that each branch will have a BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) Officer to work with the CLP BAME Officer to engage BAME members, ensure BAME issues are on the agenda and represent BAME concerns within the party and society. 

This post is open to anyone who self identifies as BAME.

GC Delegate

The Tottenham Constituency Labour Party has over 1,650 members. Due to our size we operate a 'delegate structure' which means each branch sends people they vote for to represent their branch and the issues in their ward of concern and votes on motions, nominations etc on behalf of the members in their branch. These are known as delegates.

The GC is the General Committee the meeting which takes place every month where all delegates meet and sometimes vote on issues. 

Each branch (BLP) is allowed 1 GC delegate for every 20 members. So larger branches have more representation on the GC as this makes it more reflective of the membership. Each BLP is also allowed one young member delegate (as explained above) and the BLP Secretary gets a space on the GC in addition to the 1 in 20. For example if your BLP has 100 members, you are allowed 7 GC delegates (5 from your membership, 1 as your BLP Secretary and 1 as your young member delegate), all 7 have the same voting and speaking rights.

Things to think about if standing as a GC delegate:

Have you got time? GC meetings are on the 4th Wednesday of the month. Branch meetings are 1st Wednesday of the month. 

Thing to think about when selecting your GC delegates:

Have they got time? Would they be able to represent your views at constituency level including presenting motions from the BLP? 

Other positions in the branch

Your branch (BLP) may decide to have other roles to enhance your branch's effectiveness, i.e: Women's Officer, BAME Officer, Social Events Organiser etc. 

Nominations for CLP wide positions

To stand for a CLP wide position you have to be a GC delegate. You must also get at least one nomination from a branch (either a BLP or an affiliated branch).

CLP wide positions are as follows:

    • Chair
    • Vice Chair (Campaigns)
    • Vice Chair (Membership)
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Women's Officer* (has to be a woman)

(At least 50% of the above position has to be held by a woman)

    • Assistant Secretary
    • Auditor (2 Positions)
    • BAME Co-ordinator
    • Disability Coordinator
    • Fundraising Officer
    • IT Officer
    • LGBT+ Officer
    • Political Education Co-ordinator
    • Trade Union Liaison Officer (TULO)
    • LCF Reps (4 positions)
    • Group Observers (2 positions)
    • Campaign Mobilisation Officer
    • Membership Engagement Coordinator

To read all of the job descriptions for CLP positions, please click here

How to get nomination from branches:

    • You can find contact information for all BLP Secretaries by clicking here 
      • If you have prepared a statement that you would like them to distribute then please email them by June 27th June giving them enough time to organise their AGMs.
    • If you would like a list of all the organisations affiliated to the Tottenham CLP please email TottenhamLabour@gmail.com. Please allow 3 working days for this to be emailed to you.
    • You do not need to get a nomination from your home branch. Likewise your branch can vote to nominate any member across the Constituency.

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